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privote its an integrated system for trusth worth remote voting for any purpose.
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all you need to vote privately


Everything you need for online voting

How we can help

Advanced features and a modern distribution model

The privote system is available in the service model (SaaS).
You don't need to install any software or invest in IT infrastructure.
Our service is accessible through any web browser, on any operating system (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS). Due to the adaptive pricing model, the cost of accessing the system depends on the degree and extent of usage.

Hand over voting ballot
voting ballot

Online voting - services

  • Open ballot
  • Secret ballot
  • Custom vote weights (according to shares)
  • Majority types
    • relative majority
    • absolute majority
    • qualified majority
  • Privileged votes
  • Voting by proxy
  • Quorum verification
  • Voting reports
  • Online voting results signed with a qualified company seal
  • Voting reports for participants
  • Verification of participants 
    • video verification
    • by e-mail
    • by SMS
    • personal
  • Regulations and documents approval
  • Sending documents

Communication services

  • Video calls
    Conduct online video meetings.
  • Chat
    Send public and private messages.
  • Audio calls
    Communicate through a high-quality voice call.
  • Share documents
    Share your documents, presentations, photos and videos. Use them actively in your work through live editing.
  • Show your screen
    Share your screen, application, or a browser tab.
  • Shared whiteboard
    Work on a shared whiteboard and observe changes occur live.
  • Working in subgroups
    Group participants into smaller teams and assign them to different tasks.
  • Surveys and tests
    Carry out surveys and tests and publish live results.
  • Mood icons
    Express your emotions.
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A beneficial solution for any organisation

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Custom services

  • Conducting the meeting by a notary public
  • Qualified digital signature of a notary on the voting report
  • Live translation
  • Help, training and implementation
  • Third party system integrations
  • Customised reports
  • Setting up meetings and preparing votes

Universal system for online and hybrid voting. Reliable voting process and certified results with legal validity. 


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