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privote its an integrated system for trusth worth remote voting for any purpose.
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all you need to vote privately

Created for companies

Our platform meets all online voting requirements for shareholders' annual general meetings as well as management board or supervisory board meetings.

We are operating WORLDWIDE
Meet and vote wherever you are

Online, hybrid or traditional
three ways of voting

There are three possible ways of conducting a sitting:



Everyone attends the sitting remotely - all participants debate and vote online


Some of the participants meet in one or more rooms, and the rest join online


All authorised personnel take part in the sitting traditionally, meeting physically and voting within a single room
The format of the meeting can be changed at any time. For example, in case of a traditional sitting, some participants might encounter difficulties preventing them from arriving on time. By using the privote online voting system, you can easily change the type of the sitting to a hybrid one. This prevents the potential absence of a quorum or the need to reschedule the vote.

privote means


saving time

reduction of travel costs

faster decisions

better communication

more effective management


privote means


saving time

reduction of travel costs

faster decisions

better communication

more effective management


Improve the efficiency of your actions!

Faster decisions

Finding solutions quickly and making fast decisions is often critical to your success.

Saving time

Not all issues can be discussed remotely, but by spending less time on travels, necessary arrangements and settling expenses, you gain it for other activities.

Increased attendance and easily attainable quorum

Random absences from meetings are no longer a problem. Voters may join the online sitting at any time and cast a legally valid vote by using their mobile devices.
businessman voting
For whom

Universal online voting system

vote sitting

For whom

  • Corporations and Companies
  • Local governments
  • Associations
  • Political parties and trade unions
  • Universities
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Foundations
  • Communities
vote hands

Types of votes

  • Open or secret
  • Custom vote weights (according to shares)
  • Majority
    • relative
    • absolute
    • qualified
  • Privileged votes
  • Voting by proxy
  • Quorum verification
  • Exclusion from voting
online sign documents


  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) resolutions
  • Resolutions of management boards and supervisory boards
  • Budget approval
  • Board report approval
  • Resolutions of local governments
custom online voting

Custom services

  • Conducting the meeting by a notary public
  • Qualified digital signature of a notary on the voting report
  • Live translation
  • Help, training and implementation
  • Third party system integrations
  • Customised reports
Security and reliability

Legal validity - we certify the entire voting process

We act as a trusted third party and a formal intermediary. We guarantee the integrity of the entire voting process and its legitimacy. The digital certification tools we use have the same legal power as a traditional signature (in the EU).
certificates online voting

Qualified company seal

We ensure the consistency and accuracy of the entire voting process. At the client's request, we can confirm its credibility with a qualified company seal.

GDPR Personal Data Protection

Your personal data is processed securely in our systems. We have implemented procedures compliant with the EU GDPR. Our adherence to its requirements is monitored by an independent third party.

Advanced technology and partners

We use the most modern certification solutions, compliant with the requirements of the eIDAS EU regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 confirmed by the Erns & Young certificate). They are part of the European organization Cloud Signature Consorcium and are legally valid throughout the EU.

Multilingualism and notarial confirmation

Another element of privote's credibility is the accessibility of our solution. Thanks to its multilingualism, voters can use the system in their own language (including voting buttons). Upon request, the meeting may be conducted by a notary public and signed with their certified digital signature.

A smart choice for any vote

Contact us and find out how we can improve the decision-making process

You are only 3 steps away from online voting

Define voters

Create and authorise the participants. Verify their identity and send invitations.

Create votes

Define the votes and their parameters such as required majority, quorum and secrecy.

Prepare the sitting

Specify the sitting's name, its date and the required documents. Assign a list of participants and votes.
3 steps for voting online

Start the sitting

Start the sitting, greet the participants, discuss the agenda and the documents.

Debate and vote

Talk to others freely, as you would in a traditional meeting. Vote on resolutions and record the meeting.

Conclude the sitting

Download certified voting results. Save a list of participants and votes for the next meeting.
  • chromec Integrated Online Voting & Video conferencing for companies
  • firefoxc Integrated Online Voting & Video conferencing for companies
  • safaric Integrated Online Voting & Video conferencing for companies
  • operac Integrated Online Voting & Video conferencing for companies
  • edgec Integrated Online Voting & Video conferencing for companies
  • windowsc Integrated Online Voting & Video conferencing for companies
  • androidc Integrated Online Voting & Video conferencing for companies
  • IOSc Integrated Online Voting & Video conferencing for companies
  • MACc Integrated Online Voting & Video conferencing for companies
    devices for online votingdevices for online voting
    Any operating system

    No software installation required

    The privote system is available as a service in the SaaS model. All you need is a device with Internet access, a web browser, a camera and a microphone.

    Our system works properly:

    • on mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops
    • on devices running Windows, macOS, iOS and Android
    • on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers
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